Bitwig Studio 1.1 RC 1


NEW Control surface script for NI Komplete Kontrol.
NEW Control surface script for ReLoop.
NEW Automatic visual feedback from controllers that shows changes as popup notifications.
NEW Track Crossfader.
NEW Allow modulation of discrete (bool, enum, int) parameters.
NEW Note MOD Device.
NEW Tracks, Chains and Devices can now be deactivated to save CPU.
NEW Improved sound-quality and timing of audio playback.
NEW Audio Receiver Device.
NEW De-Esser Device.
NEW Route track note output to another track.
NEW Allow renaming controllers in the preferences dialog.
NEW Output effect chains for VST plug-ins.
NEW Support for multi-out VST plug-ins.
NEW Allow to define custom controller settings via the scripting API that are stored in the Bitwig Studio preferences file or project documents. The user interface controls for the script preferences are shown in the Bitwig Studio controller preferences dialog, and the controls for the document settings are shown in the Studio IO panel.
NEW Support for VST side-chaining.
NEW Tap-tempo (CTRL-click play to use it).
NEW Added grain size parameter to audio events.
NEW Generalize the cursor concept used in the controller API to generic selections.
NEW Added new transient preservation mode.
NEW Multiband FX-3 device.
NEW Note Receiver Device.
NEW Route track note output to multi-timbral VST instruments (with channel selector).
FIXED Controller scripts in user directory do not reload automatically like the ones in the installation directory.
FIXED Crash when undoing the move of a main track into the effect track section in some circumstances.
FIXED Waveform on unlooped raw audio launcher clips does not take start marker into account.
FIXED Duplicate Time command does not duplicate automation, even though automation follow is enabled.
FIXED Applying note time quantization on both start and end doesn’t work as expected.
FIXED Inserting silence bordering two automation points on the same time coordinate creates unexpected effects.
FIXED Context menu for stereo plugins offers add “missing chains”.
FIXED Double clicking an arrangement clip does not scroll piano roll of track note editor according to clip content.
FIXED Dragging stretch marker on reversed audio clip instantly stretches to extreme values.
FIXED Crash when quantizing audio after split to onsets operation in clip launcher audio editor.
FIXED Toggling mixer sections via the Control Surface API has no effect.
FIXED WAV files that look like other audio file types due to wrong file name extensions cannot be imported.
FIXED Bitwig Studio won’t start on OSX 10.9.5 and 10.10 when software from unknown developers is disabled in system preferences.
FIXED Mixer volume sliders should reset to their default value, instead 0dB.
FIXED Moving onset by dragging position field does not update position until unselecting onset.
IMPROVED Add author metadata to the controller definition API for better distinction between multiple scripts for the same hardware.
IMPROVED Rename application.delete() in Controller API as delete is a reserved word in JavaScript.
IMPROVED Allow toggling the Inspector from the controller API.
IMPROVED Allow to switch between project tabs via the Controller API.
IMPROVED Detect added or removed controller scripts.
IMPROVED Clip length for imported midi files should be quantized to full bars.
IMPROVED Make scroll position in drum machine visually more clear and highlight pads that are shown on controllers.
IMPROVED Redesigned router choosers to support hierarchical menus.
IMPROVED Re-designed GUI for plug-in devices.
IMPROVED Controller API: add observers for “queued for record” and “queued for stop”.
IMPROVED Allow to embed samples inside presets.
IMPROVED When moving clip loop region and clip is looped, let the start marker follow in a meaningful way.
IMPROVED Improved window close behaviour for plug-ins.
IMPROVED Navigation of drum pads, device layer and other nested devices via Controller API.
IMPROVED Upgraded PDC engine.
IMPROVED Better Controller API Documentation.
IMPROVED Improved Controller Script Console.
IMPROVED Note output from any track can be selected as a note source.
IMPROVED Audio output from any device and chain can now be selected as an audio source.
IMPROVED Improved solo behavior.
IMPROVED Generalize the primary device concept in the controller API towards named cursors, so that the primary device represents a cursor device with the name “Primary”.


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